What are Business Documents?

Business documents, sometimes referred to as business intellectual property, are a vital part of any successful organization.  Examples of business documentation might include: business processes, procedures, user/technical guides, work instructions, policies, reports, templates, and web content.

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Benefits of Good Documentation

Communication is the lifeblood of any organization.  Well written business documents allow for effective downward, upward, and horizontal communication within a company.

  • Downward Communication – Clearly documented objectives, policies, and work instructions, allow management to effectively communicate its vision to employees and facilitate effective corporate governance
  • Upward Communication – Well designed report templates allow employees to clearly report progress as well as hurdles to management.  Thereby allowing management to take quick action.
  • Communication with Customers – Good web content allows an organization to clearly communicate with its customers 

On the other hand, poorly written/substandard documentation can lead to adhocism, low employee morale, lack of clarity, and in short: total chaos.

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